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Safe-T-Stik XL

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Safe-T-Stik XL

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Complete Control

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Safe-T-Stik Mini

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Introducing Safe-T-Stik

Our PATENT PENDING magnetic tag line safety tool provides a worker with a safe distance between himself and unforgiving steel road/trench plates. A super strong neodymium magnet, multi-directional pivot capability and wide "T" handle grip provide a worker with unparalleled precision and control. Our Safe-T-Stik Mini is perfect for pulling up water valve covers, small lids, grates and steel parts weighing less than 150 LBS.

Safe-T-Stik is designed and manufactured in the United States and utilizes proprietary machined aluminum parts, a super strong custom built neodymium magnet, fiberglass rod and super durable, non-conductive, UV inhibited FRP tube. The use of FRP tube and minimal metal parts helps insulate a worker from electrical shock. Our FRP tube is tested by the manufacturer and provides 35Kv per inch insulation.

Our patent pending design allows a worker to keep a solid grip on steel plate and other hazardous objects while maintaining a safe distance and having a full range of motion to precisely guide an object into or out of position. Safe-T-Stik is light weight, easy to attach, remove, store, and transport. Safe-T-Stik is ready to perform day in, day out!

Not only does Safe-T-Stik drastically reduce the potential for injury or incident related to workers, using a Safe-T-Stik can reduce damage to heavy equipment and components like radiators, tires and hydraulic lines. Also reduce your exposure to damaging other objects and property on the jobsite.

Improve Safety and Precision

Safe-T-Stik is ready to revolutionize the way road plate, trench plate and other large, heavy steel objects are maneuvered. Safety is Job 1 and we believe Safe-T-Stik will reduce work site injuries related to moving steel road plate and trench plate. Safe-T-Stik can also reduce heavy equipment damage and property damage due to moving heavy road plate and trench plate. Things can go wrong in a hurry and employees get hurt on the job everyday. Make sure your employees are in control, safe and avoid dangerous situations and injuries with Safe-T-Stik. We have customers using Safe-T-Stik in many industries, lets see how you can use Safe-T-Stik to improve safety and precision within your company.

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Get More Safety, Control and Confidence!

Key Benefits and Features

More Safety

Keep your workers safely clear of dangerous situations. Reduce employee exposure to injury. Safe-T-Stik allows workers to keep a safe distance away from heavy, unwieldy, unforgiving large steel objects. No more using hands, feet, shovels or 2x4s. With Safe-T-Stik, there’s no more risking worker safety when moving steel road plate or trench plate.

Precision & Control

Give your workers more control and reduce equipment damage. Safe-T-Stik uses a “Super Magnet” to attach itself to steel with more than 400 pounds of attraction force. A worker can comfortably and authoritatively control and guide road plate or trench plate into and out of position with greater safety and reduce the risk of damaging equipment or property.

Super Easy

Easy to use, light weight and highly visible. Just set the super magnet down on a corner of a trench plate or road plate and guide the hoisted plate into position. The strong magnet attached to the pivot system along with the “T” handle grip provide a worker with the perfect amount of leverage and control. Release by pivioting the handle past 90° upright and peel the magnet off.

Built Tough

Designed and built to handle tough work environments. Every component used is incredibly durable and tough! From the super magnet and precision machined aluminum parts to the FRP tube, stainless steel bolts and grips. Every inch of the Safe-T-Stik is built with quality and durability in mind. Proudly made by hand in the USA!

Super Magnet

Easy to release magnet system. Although the super strong magnet provides over 400 pounds of attraction force on thick steel, it is easy to release. Simply move the handle past 90° to peel the magnet off with ease. We know its hard to believe over 400 LBS of pull force can be achieved by our 3" diameter custom built neodymium super magnet. Once you place it on some heavy steel, you will feel the power!


Robust UV and corrosion resistant materials are used in the design and construction to provide long life and durability. This includes aluminum, stainless steel, FRP tube, fiberglass rod and durable grips. FRP tube is incredibly strong and can take quite a beating. The color is infused into the tube so there is no paint or powder coating to chip or scratch. With proper use and care, Safe-T-Stiks can last many years.


High voltage power line strikes are no joke! The use of FRP tube, fiberglass and rubber hand grips work together to better insulate a worker. Always use a grounding strap on heavy equipment when near high voltage lines. The material we use has been tested by the manufacturer to a rate of 35Kv per inch!

All Weather

No one likes to use a hot or cold tool! Safe-T-Stik is constructed mostly of FRP tube which doesn't’t retain heat or cold very well, so your tool will always be comfortable to carry and use.

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Safe-T-Stik Photos

Some pictures of Safe-T-Stik on the job with our customers. Check out and subscribe to our videos and YouTube Channel

  • Safe-T-Stik is a heavy duty magnetic tag line safety tool designed to be used with trench plate, road plate, steel I-Beams, and any other heavy steel object being hoisted into or out of position

    Moving Road Plate with Safe-T-Stik

    Moving Road Plate with complete control and safety.

  • Safe-T-Stik is a light weight yet heavy duty magnetic tag line tool for road plate and trench plate.


    Safe-T-Stik ready to get to work moving road plate and trench plate.

  • Safe-T-Stik ready to get to work and get things done safely.

    Safe-T-Stik Ready To Go

    Safe-T-Stik is ready to go when you are.

  • Safe-T-Stik easy to carry from one plate to the next, only 5 pounds.

    Light Weight and Strong

    Easy carry Safe-T-Stik.

  • Safe-T-Stik keeps workers a safe distance from road plate and open trenches.

    Stay Safe

    Keep clear of all the danger with Safe-T-Stik.

  • Safe-T-Stik is a versitle heavy duty magnetic tag line tool.

    Safe-T-Stik Going Vertical

    A crew uses Safe-T-Stik to guide 60' I-Beams into deep holes.

  • Using Safe-T-Stik to stabilize and guide trench shoring plates.

    Trench Shoring

    Using Safe-T-Stik to stabilize and position trench shoring plates.

  • Safe-T-Stik is a versitle heavy duty magnetic tag line tool.

    Heavy Equipment Lift

    A worker keeps a heavy equipment lift stabilized using Safe-T-Stik.

  • Safe-T-Stik is a versitle heavy duty magnetic tag line tool.

    Stabilizing I-Beams

    A worker stabilizes 60' beams with Safe-T-Stik.


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